CASATung Photography is the beginning of gathering our strengths.

Team members come from diversified professions, having original outlooks and creativities toward the aesthetic.
We hold consistent views to long for capturing real and touching moments.

CASATungs works are not adhered to formalized captures but persist in human affective communication, attractively still focus, and perspective framing.
We hope to demonstrate the images which deeply move the hearts to all valued customers.

Therefore, it becomes the objective of CASATung Photography - Hope the image in the heart, so substantial and eternal, accompanies strong affections presented to you esteemed.

Wedding photography in Taiwan is full of traditional Chinese culture and usually performed in the situations of many uncertainties; consequently, there are everywhere nature emotions revealed in the wedding ceremony.
We are grateful that we can have abundant photo shoots under this circumstances, and we enjoy the atmosphere surging cultural and creative impacts, which definitely riches our works and deeper elaboration.
With the sensible thoughts and inventive taste about wedding, we started photo-shooting journey and it continues in Hawaii and other western countries.

The intercultural feast has been equipped us with wider vision in photography and given us the chance of being noticed as the rising star internationally.

CASATung Photography anticipates interacting with you more and presenting you the way we express aesthetic conceptions!